Local Ring Enhancement Service

No matter how robust your network is, sometimes things go wrong. That's why some companies need an extra layer of protection against network outages so they can keep doing business no matter what.

Local ring enhancement (LRE) provides that resiliency by making on-net access even more secure. LRE keeps you connected to the network while delivering better performance. It's a suite of protection services that adds on route and hardware diversity to Lumos/ on-net, SONET and Metro Ethernet Access.

Need: High Availability Metro Ethernet or SONET Access
To keep business moving and protect against outages, many organizations want resiliency for their on-net access to the Lumos network.

Solution: Local Ring Enhancement Suite for Last-Mile Resiliency
The Local Ring Enhancement (LRE) service meets this need by providing route and hardware diversity that can be added on to Lumos' standard on-net, SONET and Metro Ethernet access. With LRE, options are available to protect the access ring, lateral, entrance facility, and POP and premise routers. LRE's comprehensive suite of protection services boosts the fault-tolerance of our on-net SONET and Metro Ethernet access to help ensure a continuous connection to our network.


  • Availability – LRE provides multiple types of protection against interruptions that can compromise access availability.
  • Performance – By improving access resiliency, LRE supports better network connectivity and performance.
  • Flexibility – LRE is offered as a set of options allowing customers customize to the level of protection that best meets their needs.

How Local Ring Enhancement Works
The LRE service is configured with the selected resiliency options. If an access component is compromised, traffic automatically re-routes to the protect element. For example, a non-collapsed lateral connection provides two physically separate paths, at least 50 feet apart, between the Lumos metro fiber ring and the customer site. If one of the paths is compromised, traffic automatically re-routes to the other path.

Local Ring Enhancement Features and Specifications

  • Access Ring Protection – A virtual or physical private dedicated ring provides complete separation from all other customers on the local access network, which protects against outages at other nodes on the ring.
  • Non-Collapsed Lateral – The lateral connection from the Lumos metro fiber ring to the customer site is built with a minimum of 50 feet between both paths to protect against service interruptions caused by fiber cuts.
  • Dual Entrance Facility – The Lumos fiber enters the customer building at two different locations for protection against interruptions caused by damage to the fiber facility at the point it enters the customer site.
  • PoP Router Redundancy and Diversity – The Metro access ring can terminate on two different routers within the same POP, which protects against equipment failure. Alternatively, the ring can terminate on two different routers at geographically diverse POPs, which provides protection against an equipment failure as well as a catastrophic POP outage.
  • Premise Router Redundancy – The primary router at the customer premise can be protected with a redundant second router or redundant router links to protect against premises equipment failure.
  • Available for Lumos Type 1/on-net Metro Ethernet and SONET access across the entire Lumos network footprint
  • MEF Certified Ethernet access
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