Super-Fast Fiber Internet. Get The Speed You Need.

When your internet slows, everything slows. Lumos Networks keeps everything connected at lightning speed, and our symmetrical upload and download speeds keep your video calls clear and reliable. Plans now starting at $39.99/mo when bundled.

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High Speed Fiber Internet

You’re in the business of doing, not waiting. Get incredible speeds of up to one Gigabit per second with Fiber Internet.

Fiber Internet is the fastest, most reliable solution to a business’s Internet needs. By design, it allows for lightning-fast uploads and downloads, helping businesses work in real-time. And with our scalable Internet offerings, you know you’re getting affordable Internet that does more than meet your current needs — it’s flexible enough to grow with your business.

Fiber is also reliable, being much less susceptible to fire, weather, and electrical interference than other types of technology.

We understand that when your Internet is down, your business is down. That’s what makes fiber the stand-out option — you’ll get a level of reliability that simply wasn’t possible a few years ago. We even improve the overall productivity of your business — you can connect multiple sites and remote employees without the worry of network congestion.

And like all things Lumos, our Fiber Internet comes with local support from a team of experts that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. If you have a technical question or problem, we’re ready to assist you to make sure your business is running at the speed of fiber.

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