Fastest uploads. Fastest downloads. Fastest Internet.

Just imagine a world where lag doesn’t exist, where your kids can stream a video on their devices while you are zooming with your team. Where you can download 6x* faster and upload 77x* faster than cable. Well, that world exists. And, all you have to do to experience it is switch to Lumos Fiber. Act now to get 500 Mbps for only $39.99/month for 24 months.** — a savings of $35/mo!

Switch To Fiber

Lumos Networks’ Fiber Internet

In order to enjoy the benefits of Lumos Networks’ Smart Home Security,
you must have our Fiber Internet service.
Ready to check if Fiber Internet is available for your home?

If you need PRI service for your existing PBX, but want to move up to the advantages of IP Voice without the cost of upgrading to an IP PBX, then consider Enhanced PRI from Lumos℠ that supports up to 46 channels and be delivered across T1s or your Metro Ethernet transport. Our equipment translates the IP signal so a non-IP PBX can be used for termination of the PRI, plus we can support fax or other business lines on the same equipment and provide burstable, synchronous Internet bandwidth without additional transport.

  • Unique local calling plan covering the entire Lumos℠ footprint
  • Saves you money since there are no extra costs for bandwidth transport
  • Upgrade to IP services without the expense of an IP PBX
  • Free Calling Name Delivery