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Lumos Networks’ Fiber Internet

In order to enjoy the benefits of Lumos Networks’ Smart Home Security,
you must have our Fiber Internet service.
Ready to check if Fiber Internet is available for your home?

Lumos Networks voicemail unifies your messaging by delivering voicemail to your email mailbox and includes the following capabilities:

Voice Mailbox Size

  • Voice mailbox size – 30 minutes
  • Message length – 10 minutes maximum
  • Message storage – 15 days for new and saved messages

Message Type

  • Voice message
  • WAV file to email

Message Length

  • Voicemail message – 10 minute maximum
  • Greeting message – 2 minutes

Mailbox Management

  • Record personalized name
  • Record audio greetings
  • Regular voicemail greetings
  • Set number of rings
  • Message notification via email or text (but not both)
  • Email and any phone retrieval
  • Press 0 for operator
  • Voicemail alias numbers
  • Greeting-only mode
  • Escape number *

 Message Management

  • Play/pause
  • Play message envelope (date, time, caller ID)
  • Save/delete messages
  • Purge all messages at once
  • Skip forward/backward in message
  • Jump to previous/next message
  • Reply to messages
  • Compose messages
  • Forward voice messages *
  • Urgent/confidential messages *
  • Distribution lists *

* Enabled for business customers

Lumos Networks
is becoming Lumos

We’re changing our name from Lumos Networks to Lumos. And bringing Virginia and North Carolina 100% Fiber Optic Internet that’s built from the ground up. With the fastest uploads. The fastest downloads. The fastest Internet, period.