Get super-fast Fiber Internet, reliable Wi-Fi for your whole home, clear video calls with symmetrical upload and download speeds, and the freedom that comes from no data caps. All for a transparent, everyday price you can count on! Don’t settle for subpar Internet, experience the power of Lumos Networks. Plans starting at $

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Lumos Networks’ Fiber Internet

In order to enjoy the benefits of Lumos Networks’ Smart Home Security,
you must have our Fiber Internet service.
Ready to check if Fiber Internet is available for your home?

Take the Worry Out of Repairs

Includes coverage for all of your inside wiring including voice, data and TV services from Lumos Networks. It also covers the repairs on inside wire and jacks used to provide Lumos Networks Voice, Data and TV services. Inside wiring includes twisted pair, CAT5 and coaxial TV wiring actively used to provide Lumos Networks services. Lumos Networks will only repair inside wiring related to the services it provides to customers. This is an optional plan and covers all inside wiring service related calls, for as long as the customer maintains this plan and related services.

$4.95  / month

  • Wiring used for non-Lumos Networks provided services.
  • Repair related to faulty Customer Provided Equipment.
  • Private data network wiring (LAN) connected to a Customer’s router, switch or PC behind a Lumos Networks provided data jack or data adapter.
  • Repair of damage due to fire, flood, natural disasters, vandalism, Acts of God, gross negligence or willful acts.
  • Non-standard wiring which is wiring that does not meet industry standards or the National Electric Code. The Plan will cover the repair of breaks to non-standard wiring but only to restore the wire to its condition before the break. The Plan does not cover replacement of non-standard wiring.
  • The Plan does not cover the repair of wire concealed within a wall. If wiring problem is concealed behind a wall, Lumos Networks will isolate the problem and negotiate a solution with the customer as to the best action for repair.
  • The Plan does not cover repairs that cannot be performed under safe working conditions.
  • Repair of walls, floors or ceilings damaged or removed to gain access to wiring.
  • Any new installation of jacks and wiring.

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