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Lumos to bring multi-gig fiber internet to nearly 85,000 residents and businesses in Tidewater region – an $83M capital investment in a future-proof internet built for the next 50 years.

Waynesboro, Va. (July 21, 2022)—Lumos will be making a big impact on the Tidewater region of Virginia, bringing ultra-high-speed fiber internet service to nearly 85,000 residents and businesses across the Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Portsmouth communities. The Lumos expansion will blanket the region with over 760 miles of the latest fiber optic technology featuring 100 Gig speed capacity at a cost of over $83M. In addition, Lumos will generate jobs in the region with its plan to hire local sales, service and support teams.

Most consumers in the Tidewater region are now served by cable infrastructure, which lacks the capacity and upload speeds required for today’s applications. “The demand for bandwidth is only increasing as consumers connect more and more devices – and use more and more two-way applications like Zoom and gaming – that demand not just high download speeds but equally fast upload speeds. Fiber is the only technology that can meet these demands and unlock the potential of what’s next,” said Jay Winn, Lumos’ Chief Customer Officer.

Lumos will fully fund the $83M project, and engineering work will begin immediately. Construction will start in 2023, and the company estimates that most of the project will be completed in approximately two years, including in the Chesapeake and Portsmouth areas.

“Our announcement for the Tidewater region highlights Lumos’ rapid regional expansion and growth ambition,” Lumos’ CEO Diego Anderson said. “The Tidewater region is a key part of Lumos’ commitment to empowering communities with 100% fiber-to-the-home access and our expansion in this region underscores our commitment to bringing a competitive choice and the best technology available to communities we serve in Virginia,” Anderson added.

Residents in the Tidewater region will receive communication by mail when construction begins. To receive the latest information consumers can sign up for email updates at

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We’re changing our name from Lumos Networks to Lumos. And bringing North Carolina and Virginia 100% Fiber Optic Internet that’s built from the ground up. With the fastest uploads. The fastest downloads. The fastest Internet, period.

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