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Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Lumos Introduces Express Cloud Access Service

Provides direct, high-performance secure connectivity to multiple cloud service providers

Lumos Networks Corp. (“Lumos Networks” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: LMOS), a leading fiber-based provider of data, voice and IP-based telecommunication services in the mid-Atlantic region, launched Lumos Express Cloud Access, a network service that bypasses the public Internet to provide carrier-class, direct access to multiple cloud service providers. With Express Cloud Access, a customer can connect to a cloud service provider directly, with performance, reliability and security superior to that available over the public Internet.

With Lumos Express Cloud Access, the cloud service provider becomes a virtual endpoint on the customer’s Wide Area Network (“WAN”). This allows users to access the cloud provider with the same carrier-class speed, reliability and security as any other endpoint on the customer’s WAN.

For enterprises using the cloud already, Lumos Express Cloud Access will help improve their return on investment in the cloud by preserving the network availability of cloud services and security of cloud data. Cloud resources must have acceptable response times and cloud data must be transmitted safely, or else cloud computing will not deliver the expected benefits. For customers who are planning a move to the cloud, Lumos Express Cloud Access will enable a successful migration by ensuring robust accessibility to cloud resources and secure delivery of cloud data. Carrier-class network access to cloud services is key to cloud performance.

“Internet congestion and latency interfere with access to the cloud and, in turn, the performance of cloud based services, which are increasingly mission critical,” said Tim Biltz, Chief Executive Officer of Lumos Networks. “We’re introducing Lumos Express Cloud Access for enterprise customers who need a faster, safer, better way to access the cloud.”

Lumos Express Cloud Access supports speeds up to 1Gbps, and can be configured as part of an E-Line, E-LAN or E-Tree topology. Cloud service providers accessible through Lumos Express Cloud Access include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Google Cloud Platform, SoftLayer, Oracle Cloud and others. Lumos Express Cloud Access is only available in conjunction with Lumos Ethernet 2.0 service. To learn more, visit

About Lumos Networks

Lumos Networks is a leading fiber-based service provider in the Mid-Atlantic region serving Carrier, Enterprise and Data Center customers, offering end-to-end connectivity in 26 markets in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio and Kentucky. With a fiber network of 11,028 fiber route miles and 517,244 total fiber strand miles, Lumos Networks connects 1,310 unique Fiber to the Cell sites, 1,684 total FTTC connections, 2,230 on-net buildings and approximately 3,500 total on-net locations. The Company also connects 44 total data centers, including three data centers acquired from DC74 (now named Lumos Data Centers), two acquired from Clarity Communications and seven company owned co-location facilities. In 2016, Lumos Networks generated over $123 million in Data revenue over our fiber network. Detailed information about Lumos Networks is available at