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Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Lumos Networks Lights up RagingWire Data Center Campus in Ashburn, VA

WAYNESBORO, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Lumos Networks Corp. (“Lumos Networks” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: LMOS), a leading fiber-based service provider in the Mid-Atlantic region, announced today that it has extended its fiber optic network to the RagingWire data center campus in Ashburn, VA.

The RagingWire Ashburn Data Center Campus, made up of the VA1 and VA2 facilities, is strategically located in the heart of “Data Center Alley,” one of the top locations for data centers in the world. The campus has 290,000 square feet of space and 28 megawatts of power, making it ideal for the large footprint, high-density deployments of enterprise and internet companies.

“As part of our carrier-neutral approach, it is critical that we be able to offer our customers connectivity to advanced, resilient, carrier-class networks like Lumos,” said James Leach, Vice President of Marketing for RagingWire. “Lumos backs their network with dual Network Operations Centers, which emphasizes their commitment to availability. Now customers can access Lumos’ robust mid-Atlantic footprint directly from our Ashburn data center campus.”

Lumos provides Ethernet service into the RagingWire campus, which is certified by the Metro Ethernet Forum (, at select speeds from 3Mbps to 10Gbps. Wavelength services are also available at the RagingWire location to meet customer requirements.

“RagingWire designs, builds and operates world-class data centers, and we are proud to connect our 8,734 fiber route mile network to their award-winning Ashburn campus,” said Timothy G. Biltz, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lumos Networks. “Our approximately 1,200 enterprise and carrier customers increasingly seek high-availability data center facilities in Northern Virginia to run mission critical applications with demanding network requirements. The combination of RagingWire’s leading Ashburn data centers and wholesale colocation solutions, along with robust and secure fiber network solutions from Lumos, is a perfect fit to support these applications.”

In addition to RagingWire, Lumos has 35 other commercial data centers on its network, including seven company-owned facilities.

About Lumos Networks

Lumos Networks is a leading fiber-based service provider in the Mid-Atlantic region serving Carrier, Enterprise and Data Center customers, offering end-to-end connectivity in 26 markets in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio and Kentucky. With a fiber network of 11,028 fiber route miles and 517,244 total fiber strand miles, Lumos Networks connects 1,310 unique Fiber to the Cell sites, 1,684 total FTTC connections, 2,230 on-net buildings and approximately 3,500 total on-net locations. The Company also connects 44 total data centers, including three data centers acquired from DC74 (now named Lumos Data Centers), two acquired from Clarity Communications and seven company owned co-location facilities. In 2016, Lumos Networks generated over $123 million in Data revenue over our fiber network. Detailed information about Lumos Networks is available at