Customize your network with a high-performance, resilient fiber Ethernet/MPLS solution. Lumos Networks lets you meet your customers' needs and expectations by seamlessly delivering high-bandwidth applications across a reliable and fast network. Our service is MEF-certified so it will play nicely with your existing on-site networks. If you need a robust, flexible, scalable network in the mid-Atlantic and beyond, contact Lumos to learn more.

Ethernet Services

Flexibility, scalability, resiliency: Lumos Ethernet provides all three. Our solutions connect your sites with a Layer 2 service or a Layer 3 VPN, both of which have Quality of Service and built-in traffic re-routing. Our services also offer a range of bandwidth options and are delivered with direct access to our high-performance, super-regional network.

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Lumos Express Cloud Access

Your company has cloud-based software and uses the public Internet to access it. Internet congestion and latency regularly affect the cloud access, which impacts the performance of your cloud-based applications in a negative way. To solve this problem, you need a fast, reliable, express connection to your cloud service providers that bypasses the public Internet.

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Ethernet  MEF Certification

Carrier Ethernet (CE) 2.0 MEF certification for E-Access means Lumos Networks is the first U.S provider to have met the stringent requirements that the MEF demands for certification. Lumos is also MEF 2.0-certified for E-Line, E-LAN, and E-Tree services. Certification means you can depend on services provided at the highest standards with consistent networks and equipment. Standardized service means easier interconnection with other major carriers using MEF certified External Network to Network interface (E-NNI). As a carrier, you should demand MEF certification because it differentiates the level of service from one carrier to the next.

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Lumos Networks provides fiber internet, voice, and IP connectivity over a dense fiber-based network serving enterprise and carrier customers in areas around and including Roanoake, VA, Richmond, VA, Daleville, VA, Waynesboro, VA, Hampton Roads, VA, Virginia Beach, VA, Lynchburg, VA, Charleston, WV, Huntington, WV, Beckley, WV, Parkersburg, WV, Clarksburg, WV, Morgantown, WV, Wheeling, WV, Pittsburgh, PA, Harrisburg, PA, Altoona, PA, Hagerstown, MD, and Washington, D.C.