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"When we have a need or concern, or if we are working on a tight deadline, I know that Lumos Networks would respond immediately to our request with excellent customer service."

Dr. Jan Fox Senior Vice President for IT/CIO

Marshall University Partners with Lumos Networks to Deliver Online Solutions to Students and the Community

Marshall University is celebrating its 175th year as a premier university, serving 14,000 students. Mostly serving the needs of West Virginia residents, Marshall University's main campus is located in Huntington, WV. Marshall University also has branch campuses in South Charleston, Beckley, Mid-Ohio Valley Center, with a medical school presence across the entire state of West Virginia and a growing international student population. In terms of online education, Marshall University is a strong player with 6,000 enrollments each semester solely online. As Internet and technology have advanced, the higher education realm has evolved to make it easier for students to learn and access information.

Higher Education and the Online World

Marshall University is serving a large online population. Along with this, we have outsourced student emails and the Learning Management System, which makes Internet connectivity a key ingredient to the success of the university. From a wireless and mobile perspective, all of our services are requiring more Internet components, so historically where we could do everything within the campus boundaries and have a very concise community with everyone wired together, now, mobility and cloud services call for increased bandwidth.

Lumos Networks Offers Redundancy and Reliability

The pressure to have not only one provider but multiple providers with substantial Internet bandwidth has become more critical to everyone's business needs, particularly higher education. As an Internet provider for Marshall University since 2007, Lumos Networks provides one-third of Marshall University's bandwidth to ensure that the resources for faculty and students remain reliable. Lumos Networks provides us the quality service that we need at a reasonable price.

Community Connection via Lumos Networks

The West Virginia TeleHealth Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding infrastructure to rural areas, received grant funds from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). As part of the West Virginia TeleHealth project, Marshall University Information Technology outlined a Huntington fiber ring that connected our major hospitals, School of Medicine and main campus. Marshall University was also selected as one of the hub sites for WV TeleHealth Alliance network. This responsibility creates a very strategic healthcare-centric component for the university, the community, as well as the rural areas. The West Virginia TeleHealth Alliance network provided by Lumos Networks allows us to serve as a hub which helps integrate some telehealth services.

Metro Ethernet and MPLS Services as a Life Line

Lumos Networks plays a vital part in connecting Marshall University to the School of Medicine and the Marshall University Medical Center by providing circuits to route voice and data between Marshall University's main campus. Lumos Networks provides Metro Ethernet and MPLS services to 17 sites, connecting Marshall University's School of Medicine to local physicians and surgeons locations. These products are utilized for this network because of their cost effectiveness and reliability. From a medical perspective and a telehealth perspective as we've advanced to more electronic medical records, bandwidth for healthcare locations becomes not only mission critical, it becomes life critical. Quality services, like those from Lumos Networks, are required to access records and historic information, and have the ability to transport medical images.

Lumos Networks as a Partner

Lumos Networks' services to Marshall University and our connection to the community and healthcare in West Virginia have allowed us to develop a strong partnership that we can depend on and trust. When we have a need or concern, or if we are working on a tight deadline, I know that Lumos Networks would respond immediately to our request with excellent customer service. With great products and customer service, Lumos Networks has exceeded our expectations and we've enjoyed a very good working relationship.


Lumos Networks provides fiber internet, voice, and IP connectivity over a dense fiber-based network serving enterprise and carrier customers in areas around and including Roanoake, VA, Richmond, VA, Daleville, VA, Waynesboro, VA, Hampton Roads, VA, Virginia Beach, VA, Lynchburg, VA, Charleston, WV, Huntington, WV, Beckley, WV, Parkersburg, WV, Clarksburg, WV, Morgantown, WV, Wheeling, WV, Pittsburgh, PA, Harrisburg, PA, Altoona, PA, Hagerstown, MD, and Washington, D.C.