Our Mission

Provide next generation communication solutions over an ever expanding advanced fiber optics network while:
  • Continuing to be the leader in addressed market share and customer satisfaction
  • Achieving top-tier return on investment for shareholders in terms of EBITDA margin
  • Providing an environment where employees can excel and be rewarded for exceptional team and individual performance

Our Core Values


  • Pursue excellence as defined by our customers
  • Recognize that customer satisfaction is each employee's responsibility
  • Exceed expectations of customers and partners
  • Continually question how actions will impact our customers
  • Strive to deliver the highest value to our customers


  • Be rigorously honest and truthful in all of our dealings
  • Maintain high ethical standards
  • "Walk the talk", our actions match our words


  • Commit to the success of the team
  • Take accountability for team results
  • Meet all comittments made to the team
  • Accept the obligation to perform at your personal best
  • Trust and have confidence in your teammates to perform
  • Communicate openly and constructively with team members
  • Treat others with respect at all times
  • Approach decisions from a consolidated Company perspective
  • Support team decisions, once reached

Continuous Growth

  • Strive for continuous improvement in efficiency and effectiveness in all that we do
  • Ensure processes have been thoroughly developed and tested prior to implementation
  • Rigorously review our processes to identify potential areas of improvement


  • Accept responsibility for delivery on comittments
  • Ensure that encountered problems are resolved in a satisfactory and timely manner
  • Own the customer's problem until it is resolved
  • Act as if the business were your own

Employee Growth

  • Foster personal and professional development
  • Maintain a supportive and healthy work environment
  • Encourage balance between work, family, friends, and community
  • Respect the value that individual differences offer