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Friday, November 7, 2014
Lumos Networks Significantly Expands Near-Net List to 104,000 Buildings

Carrier End User Segment Sees Significant Growth Opportunities Ahead

WAYNESBORO, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE) Lumos Networks Corp. (“Lumos Networks” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: LMOS), a leading fiber-based service provider of data, voice and IP-based telecommunication services in the Mid-Atlantic region, announced a significant expansion of its near-net list of buildings within one-half mile of its 7,645 route-mile fiber network. 

The utilization of advanced mapping tools to more accurately locate fiber splice points combined with the continued expansion of the Lumos fiber footprint has increased the Company’s near-net list from 15,000 to 67,000 buildings.  Pro forma to include the planned 665-mile fiber network expansion in the Richmond and Norfolk, Virginia metro markets announced by the Company today, the near-net list increases substantially to approximately 104,000 buildings.

“The dramatic expansion of our near -net building list is a testament to the benefits of the continued strategic expansion of our fiber network and I expect that it will provide the foundation of our future Carrier End User growth,” said Timothy G. Biltz, CEO and President of Lumos Networks. “As our industry evolves, I fully expect that leading fiber, Telco and Cable MSO partners will look to Lumos as a partner to provide connectivity for their customers in our footprint.”

Joseph E. McCourt, Chief Revenue Officer of Lumos added, “Our Carrier End User sales reached $104,000 in the third quarter of 2014, up 70% on a sequential basis, and totaled more than the first and second quarters combined.  Over time, we expect that our Carrier End User business will generate over 50% of our total Enterprise sales.”

“We have signed or pending MSAs with over 30 key national and regional fiber, telco and Cable MSOs in our partnership program,” added Mr. McCourt.  “Our momentum is clearly building and we expect that our revised updated near net building list will accelerate our efforts with these key partners.   This program is a win-win for Lumos and our partners as we can monetize our fiber network with customer wins that our direct Enterprise sales channel could not typically reach and our partners are able to serve their customers without significant incremental capital.”

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About Lumos Networks

Lumos Networks is a leading fiber-based service provider in the Mid-Atlantic region serving Carrier, Enterprise and Data Center customers, offering end-to-end connectivity in 26 markets in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio and Kentucky. With a fiber network of 11,028 fiber route miles and 517,244 total fiber strand miles, Lumos Networks connects 1,310 unique Fiber to the Cell sites, 1,684 total FTTC connections, 2,230 on-net buildings and approximately 3,500 total on-net locations. The Company also connects 44 total data centers, including three data centers acquired from DC74 (now named Lumos Data Centers), two acquired from Clarity Communications and seven company owned co-location facilities. In 2016, Lumos Networks generated over $123 million in Data revenue over our fiber network. Detailed information about Lumos Networks is available at