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Lumos on the Links

Join Lumos Networks and pro golfers Scott Piercy, Bryce Molder, and Scott Pinckney as they provide weekly tips and stories.

Tip of the Week

Scott Piercy
"I'm excited to partner with Lumos Networks. If you look at all that they've accomplished in the last year including their expansion to the Hampton Roads market, you get a real sense of their commitment to their customers and the building of world-class fiber networks. It's obvious why they're a leader in their industry. It's exciting to have that support with me this season.”
Scott Pinckney
"I'm pleased to partner with Lumos Networks. In speaking with their leadership and employees I got a chance to see and hear first-hand their commitment to their customers and their passion for building world class fiber-based networks customized to their customers' needs. I'm looking forward to that same passion and support this season on the course."
Bryce Molder
“It’s exciting to join Team Lumos. Over the last few years they’ve continued to grow and invest in a world-class fiber network that is unequalled in the Mid-Atlantic. As they’ve grown and with their recent acquisitions they’ve further solidified their position as a leader in the industry. It’s great to be a part of a team with such momentum and commitment to their customers. It’s nice to have that same commitment and support with me on the course as well.”