Express Cloud Access

Problem: Public Internet Access Limits Performance of Cloud-Based Software

Your company has cloud-based software and uses the public Internet to access it. Internet congestion and latency regularly affect your cloud access and routinely impact the performance of your cloud-based applications in a negative way. These issues must be resolved in order to maintain user productivity.

Perhaps your organization is planning a move to the cloud. You need to ensure that once your resources are cloud-based, they will operate with the same availability and user experience as they do today. You cannot afford for either user experience or availability to be subject to unpredictable access to the cloud.

And whether your data center applications are already in the cloud or heading there, you are most likely concerned about the security of using the public Internet to reach them.

Solution: Bypass Public Internet with Direct Cloud Access

To address these concerns, you need a fast, reliable, express connection to your Cloud Service Provider (CSP). Lumos Express Cloud Access service delivers exactly that, with direct connectivity to the cloud that bypasses the public Internet and provides security, performance, and predictability superior to that available on the public Internet. With Express Cloud Access, you experience the benefits of cloud-based services without the potential downsides of commodity Internet access. Lumos Express Cloud Access is the ideal solution for enterprises that require a carrier-class connection to their CSPs.


  • Performance – Express Cloud Access provides an express connection to the cloud that bypasses the public Internet and the performance issues associated with it. The service operates over a high-speed fiber optic network from your premises to the cloud. The network is managed for resiliency and responsiveness to ensure you can always access your cloud-based software quickly.
  • Security – Since the Express Cloud Access connection is private, your data is never exposed to the public Internet.
  • Flexibility – Express Cloud Access allows you to reach multiple CSPs without the need for a separate physical connection to each provider.
  • Scalability – Express Cloud Access connections are configurable and easily increased or changed as your business needs require.
  • Cost efficiency – With Express Cloud Access, there are no physical ports to purchase and virtual connections to your CSPs can be sized according to the needs of your business.
  • Simplicity – Express Cloud Access streamlines network administration by making cloud-based resources available from your existing WAN.

How It Works

Express Cloud Access bypasses the public Internet and connects your WAN directly to a CSP, making the CSP a virtual endpoint on your network. You are then able to access the CSP with the same speed, reliability and security as any other endpoint on your WAN. With Express Cloud Access, you can reach multiple cloud providers, in which case each one will be a virtual endpoint on your WAN.

Features and Specifications

  • Speeds up to 200Mbps, up to 500Mbps, and up to 1Gbps
  • Multiple topologies: E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree
  • CSPs* Available:
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Office 365
    • Google Cloud Platform
    • SoftLayer
    • Oracle Cloud
    • Others

      *The customer establishes the relationship with the CSP.
  • Express Cloud Access is only available with Lumos Ethernet 2.0 service.

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