Parallel Network Operation Centers

Availability of Network Services Is Critical

Network services are critical for carriers and enterprises alike. They are the literal backbone of carrier organizations and the heartbeat of many enterprise businesses. Lumos recognizes this importance and knows our services must be up and running, so your business can execute and serve its customers.

Lumos Parallel NOCs for Protected Monitoring

Because your Lumos services are so critical, we have invested in top-notch, redundant Network Operation Centers (NOCs) in Waynesboro, VA, and Canonsburg, PA, to monitor and manage our network footprint, infrastructure and services. The NOCs operate in parallel, with each able to seamlessly take over for the other if the need arises, providing protected monitoring of your services.

Parallel NOC Benefits

  • Service Protection – Together, the Lumos NOCs provide 24x7 monitoring of the Lumos network and services to ensure their availability.
  • Business Continuity Disaster Recovery – The fail-over capability of our parallel NOCs provides extra assurance that our network and services are being monitored and managed around the clock.
  • Resource Offload – With parallel NOCs monitoring the Lumos network, the IT/telecomm resources at your organization are free to focus on your core business.
  • Customer Experience – By keeping your Lumos services running, the parallel NOCs help enhance your customers’ experience with your organization.

Parallel NOC Functions

  • System and Service Monitoring to ensure network reach, performance and availability
  • Performance Monitoring to watch Round Trip Time (RTT) and throughput metrics for Service Level Agreement (SLA) purposes
  • Statistics and Accounting/Metering to monitor the utilization of individual circuits for accounting and metered billing
  • Fault Management to perform fault detection, troubleshooting, tracking and customer communications
  • Change Management and Configuration Monitoring to keep network elements up to date

Learn More

For more information about the Lumos parallel NOCs, download the Lumos Parallel NOCs Tech Brief.

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