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Our Wi-Fi, your no dead-spot coverage

Setting up a router and managing your own Wi-Fi experience can be complicated, frustrating and most times will not optimize performance of your network.  Problem solved.  Our mesh managed Wi-Fi service makes connecting to your world easier.

Total Wi-Fi

Two access points solution for seamless Wi-Fi coverage from the basement to the attic.*


Premium Wi-Fi

Single access point solution for apartments and smaller home environments.


Optimize Your Wireless Internet
Wi-Fi and Broadband Tip Sheet


Access Points are dual-band capable, providing Wi-Fi service in both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands simultaneously


This technology makes sure that every dual-band capable device connects to 5 GHz which is much faster and almost interference free


App-based diagnostic control screens to identify Wi-Fi sweet spots in the home along with customizable network features like Parental Control


Expandable based on size and layout of your home or business

A digram explaining the Modern Home Network.
*Depending on the size of home or interference, additional access points (sold separately, $5/mo.) may be needed for extended coverage. Our professional installation includes a Wi-Fi signal strength assessment to identify any dead zones and recommend setup for the best whole home Wi-Fi experience. Weak Wi-Fi signals can occur in large homes for many reasons, with the most common reason being the thickness or material within walls or floors. Get stronger Wi-Fi signals in more places with additional access points. Each additional access point will enhance coverage to reduce dead zones and provide reliably fast Wi-Fi throughout your home.

We’re lighting up your neighborhood

The Lumos Networks fiber-optic network is continually expanding. Confirm if fiber internet is available in your neighborhood by contacting us at 1-855-GO-LUMOS or by checking our Service Availability Tool above.  If interested in having Lumos build fiber in your neighborhood sign up here:

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