Super-Fast Fiber Internet. Get The Speed You Need.

When your internet slows, everything slows. Lumos Networks keeps everything connected at lightning speed, and our symmetrical upload and download speeds keep your video calls clear and reliable. Get 200 Mbps Fiber Internet and 3 Months Free Wi-Fi for $49.99/mo when bundled.


Service Availability Tool

Our Wi-Fi, your no dead-spot coverage

Setting up a router and managing your own Wi-Fi experience can be complicated, frustrating and most times will not optimize performance of your network.  Problem solved.  Our mesh managed Wi-Fi service makes connecting to your world easier.

Total Wi-Fi

Complete Wi-Fi coverage from the basement to the attic.


Premium Wi-Fi

Better for smaller environments such as apartments.



Access Points are dual-band capable, providing Wi-Fi service in both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands simultaneously


This technology makes sure that every dual-band capable device connects to 5 GHz which is much faster and almost interference free


App-based diagnostic control screens to identify Wi-Fi sweet spots in the home along with customizable network features like Parental Control


Expandable based on size and layout of your home or business

A digram explaining the Modern Home Network.

Is Your Neighborhood Ready for Fiber?

We are expanding in the Virginia areas.

Confirm if fiber internet is available in your neighborhood by checking your fiber availability. If we’re not in your neighborhood yet, you can let us know you are interested in having Lumos℠ build fiber in your neighborhood by signing up here:

Neighborhood Fiber Request